The Canadian Police Ceremonial Training Course was implemented in 2012 by the Calgary Police Service to fill a void by offering training for police and other first response agencies in the area of drill, ceremony and protocol. It is staffed by highly trained and experienced members of the Calgary Police Service Ceremonial Unit and guest instructors from other Canadian Police and first response agencies from across the country.
Our instructors and trainees possess an incredible passion for the importance of the ceremonial component of the history of our chosen profession. Recognizing this, our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and professional Drill, Ceremonial and Protocol Training in Canada.

We employ a two-tiered level of training to best serve the varied needs of first response agencies and individual trainees. We are offering a ‘Member’ course aimed at providing fundamental training for members of a ceremonial unit, and a ‘Commander’ course for those in a coordination or command role. Both are aimed at providing and/or enhancing practical skills and knowledge that can be put into immediate use at the unit level.

All drill, procedure and protocol are based on national standards set out by the Canadian Forces Manual of Drill and Ceremonial- A-PD-201-000/PT-000, and other CF and federal drill, ceremonial and protocol publications wherever possible. A reference library is provided to each trainee on course completion.

The CPCTC is honoured  to be recognized and endorsed by the Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police, the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police as well as the Alberta Association of Sergeants Major. As of 2020 we are proud partners with the Ontario Police College , increasing the reach and access to our training experience.